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Welcome to Ryobi Die Casting USA


Ryobi Die CastingRyobi Die Casting Inc. (USA) is located in Shelbyville, Indiana (20 miles southeast of Indianapolis).  Our facilities include 2 die casting plants and a machining facility encompassing 560,000 sq. feet of manufacturing space. Established in 1985 as a subsidiary of Ryobi Limited (Japan), which has die casting facilities in Japan, China, Northern Ireland, and the United States.  The Ryobi Group of companies makes products that are used in a number of industries.


Ryobi Die Casting is leading the industry in high-pressure aluminum die castings.  As a tier one supplier to the automotive industry, we are dedicated to providing our customers with only the highest quality castings—on time.  Our products include transmission cases, housings, engine parts, and most recently, structural parts.  Our parts are used in a number of Ford, GM, and Toyota vehicles.  In addition, we also manufacture smaller parts for Tuff Torq Corporation, which are utilized in the lawn and garden industry.


Employing a diverse workforce of more than 600 people, the company prides itself on utilizing best practices and giving employees the tools they need to do the job right.  In fact, Ryobi Die Casting received the 2005 “Golden Pineapple Award” for internal customer satisfaction from the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, which represents dramatic improvement in employee job satisfaction, cooperation, and communication.  Furthermore, we attribute our success to the uniqueness of each individual, allowing us to consistently and efficiently deliver a level of high quality, cost effective products to our customers.




Ryobi offers full service Die-Cast solutions. Our strengths include die design and die making capabilities within the Ryobi Group, melting and alloying in-house, casting, finishing, machining, and assembly.


Our die cast machine sizes range from 500T – 3500Ton.  Our casting weights range from 3 lb to 40 lbs.  Our product range varies from small ladder brackets to large transmission cases and engine blocks. We melt over 170 Million pounds of aluminum per year and service some of the world’s top automotive manufacturers.


We use concurrent engineering and get involved at the design phase to assure a very good PPM and cost benefit to the customer for the life of the program.

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