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Shelbyville, Indiana, March 22, 2007—Ryobi is pleased to announce its decision to establish a new production site in Mexico, in order to increase production capacity in North America, with the following details:


1. Reason of the Establishment:

Ryobi Limited of Japan (“RL”) has a global network of production and sales in Japan, the U.S., Europe and China in order to supply quality service to its customers all over the world.  For the North American Market, RDC (Ryobi Die Casting (USA), Inc.) has been manufacturing die casting parts for automakers, and other customers in the U.S.  To respond to the increased demand in North America, RL decided to establish a Die Casting Plant in Mexico.


2. Outline of New Company:

(1) Company Name: RDCM S.R.L. de C.V (RDCM)

(2) Representative: Thomas Johnson (President of RDC), President   Mark Gunner, General Manager

(3) Location: Guanajuato, Mexico

(4) Establishment Date:  April 2007 (plan)

(5) Total Investment:   About 5.1 billion JP yen ($44 million US dollars)

(6) Estate:  Land: 12.4 acres, Building: about 140,000 s.f.

(7) Business: Manufacturing of Die Casting products

(8) Start of Production: October, 2008 (plan)

(9) Employees: about 110


   * Note: Calculated by the exchange rate of JPY115 per US$1


3. Remarks:


RDC (Ryobi Die Casting (USA), Inc.), a 100% owned Ryobi Limited subsidiary, has been manufacturing and selling die casting products since its establishment in Indiana in 1985.  Annual sales are $17.2 Billion yen ($159Million USD - fiscal year 2005), and the number of employees is about 630 (as at Jan. 31, 2007).


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