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The members of the Ryobi Die Casting team contribute much of their overall success to the adoption of a management philosophy called Gung Ho!  This philosophy is based upon the popular book by Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles carrying the same name. 


The Gung Ho! philosophy takes a unique, yet powerful approach to increase enthusiasm and encourage high performance through a clear plan:


The Spirit of the Squirrel leads employees to understand why their work is worthwhile and valuable, not only to their team or the company, but also to customers and beyond.  The Squirrel teaches us that we need shared goals, and all decisions and actions should be guided by values. 


The Way of the Beaver puts employees in charge of achieving the goals of the team or company.  This means that each employee is given clear, yet challenging objectives with the opportunity to contribute their own ideas.  Employees are       respected and acknowledged for those ideas.


The Gift of the Goose encourages timely, responsive, unconditional and enthusiastic congratulations to team members for a job well done.  As part of this portion of this important philosophy, Ryobi Die Casting believes that enthusiasm equals mission times cash and congratulations.


The implementation of the Gung Ho! principles has propelled Ryobi Die Casting to reach new levels of performance and cooperation. By putting employees in control of their own destinies, we have enjoyed increased productivity, outstanding profits, and team members who take the initiative to create their own successes.

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