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Lt. Governor Announces $1 million Energy Grants Awarded PDF Print E-mail

In an ongoing effort to promote energy conservation and create jobs, Lt. Governor Becky Skillman announced today that four Hoosier companies will receive a total of $1 million in Advanced Energy Technologies Program (AETP) grants.


The Lt. Governor’s Energy Group presented $250, 000 grants to EnerDel Incorporated of Indianapolis, GFT Incorporated of Pennville, NET FORGE of Columbus,  and Ryobi Die Casting of Shelbyville, for their commitments to developing state-of-the-art, energy-efficient manufacturing systems or products.


“It is important that we rely on our manufacturing sector to embrace technology that promotes energy efficiency,” Lt. Governor Skillman said. “This grant program strengthens the state’s investment in the advanced manufacturing industry and, by improving energy efficiency, gives Indiana businesses a competitive edge which enhances our efforts to rebuild the state’s economy.” 

Lt. Governor Skillman oversees the state’s energy policy and initiatives.  The AETP grants are awarded to Indiana companies that use manufacturing processes that incorporate high-tech, energy saving measures or manufacture energy-efficient products.  To receive AETP grants, companies must demonstrate that, through energy saving practices, they will create new high paying technical jobs and manufacturing facilities in Indiana, improve energy efficiency while at the same time helping the environment, and help Hoosier businesses produce innovative products that will allow consumers to save energy. 


Those receiving AETP grants include:


Indianapolis- EnerDel, Inc. will use this grant to expand production capability at its Lithium-ion polymer battery manufacturing plant.  Rechargeable Lithium-ion polymer batteries provide significantly more energy storage capacity in a smaller size with less weight than other battery technologies. With facilities in Marion County, this manufacturing expansion has the potential to create 60 new technical and scientific jobs over the next 12 months.


Pennville- GFT, Inc. is undertaking a commercialization and process-up in Jay County to produce a highly efficient insulation product for consumption by the U.S. Department of Defense.  This insulation product does not burn when exposed to direct flame. It is chemically inert and has an outstanding insulation value.  The new manufacturing facility expects to create over 20 new jobs in Pennville over the next two years.


Columbus- NET FORGE, Division of Omni Forge, Inc., a producer of world-class steel forgings for the automotive industry drive train market, plans to use their AETP grant to develop a fully automated near-net forging process that will save the company 25,000 million Btu per year.  This $1 million project in Bartholomew County will also create 10 new jobs and reduce raw material waste by nearly 1 million pounds annually.


Shelbyville- Ryobi Die Casting, the largest aluminum transmission case supplier in North America, plans to replace its oldest and least efficient cold air burner furnace with a larger regenerative furnace.  This new furnace will reduce natural gas usage by 79,000 million Btu, a cost savings of nearly $600,000 per year.  The project will also keep 600,000 pounds of dross from going to landfill, which results in an additional $500,000 in cost savings.  NOx emissions from the new furnace will be reduced by 30-40%, an important benefit for Shelby County.  As a result of Ryobi’s continuous improvement efforts and cost reduction initiatives, the company is postured to add new business, which should result in the addition of 20 new jobs over the next three years.

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