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Ryobi Limited and Ryobi Die Casting (USA), Inc. have a long and distinguished tradition of adherence to the highest of ethical standards.  The Company intends to maintain these standards in all of its business dealings.  Improper activities could harm the company‚Äôs reputation for having the highest level of honesty and integrity.  Any other perception could result in adverse consequences to the Company and its employees.  Even the appearance of impropriety may be extremely damaging.


For Ryobi to be a competitive and continually growing company, we must continue to maintain our commitment of having unquestioned integrity as our foundation.  We want to be respected for honesty and integrity, and ensure that every employee conducts themselves in a way that enhances the image of Ryobi as a socially responsible, ethical Company.  Our ethical commitment will affect our relationship with our customers, suppliers, governmental agencies and each other.


Our business must be judged by the highest standards of ethical performance.  The message is simple and clear: diligent observance of the laws and regulations is a requirement from which there can be no exceptions. By practicing proper ethical conduct, we should all experience personal pride, job satisfaction and continued employment with a company that has a well respected reputation within the industry and community it serves. 




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